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Home Improvements You Can Make Right Now

As Cape Cod custom builders, we’re always looking for new ways to make our clients’ homes shine. And since being stuck inside lately may have you wondering how to spend your time, we thought we’d share a few things you can do right now to play with your space and give it a fresh new look.


Make a Gallery Wall: You know all those photos currently scattered around your house? You can gather and hang them together to make a bigger visual impact. While small images and art pieces can feel like clutter when they’re spread out around your home, they feel more intentional when hung together in an installation-like presentation.


Rearrange Your Art: In that same vein, this is a great time to rearrange the art in your home. That piece that’s been hanging in your entryway for years probably no longer pops—leave something in the same spot for long enough, and you’ll stop seeing it. Rethink the placement of your art pieces, rehang them in a fresh way, and you’ll “re-see” them.


Flip the Furniture: Furniture also falls victim to becoming invisible over time. Try some new layouts to make your space feel larger and remind you how much you love your pieces.


Get Your Kondo On: Marie Kondo would want you to use this time to purge, purge, purge. Throw out all the stuff you’ve been meaning to throw out. Donate what you don’t use anymore, reorganize what you do, and clean your spaces. You’ll feel great.


Work on Your Wardrobe: It’s never too early to start thinking about your seasonal wardrobe swap. Warmer temps are just around the corner (hopefully), so now’s a great time to reexamine, rethink, and restyle your spring and summer clothes.


Style Those Shelves: It’s been on your to-do list for years. Now’s the time to restyle your bookshelves! This is a great creative outlet if you’re going a little stir-crazy. You can pull pieces from other rooms in your home to diversify the look. (Check your cabinets for serving platters you rarely use — they make great background pieces). Add some framed photos and some sculptural pieces to break up the boxy-ness, and you’ll have some gorgeous new shelves on your hands.

On that note, we could all use some extra color these days, so why not arrange your books in a rainbow spectrum? It creates a cohesive look that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. (To impress Ms. Kondo even further, go through your books and make a “donate” pile first.)


Play HGTV: Be your own interior designer. Take some time to really inspect the current furniture arrangement in the rooms of your home. Would a long-forgotten chest of drawers look better in a different spot? Does every room have a furniture piece that adds height? Move things around until you can’t help but love every space.


Make a few quick changes, and you’ll be surprised how fresh and new your home can feel.