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Preparing Your Cape Cod Home for a Hurricane

Have you heard? Cape Cod has tornadoes now.

The recent weather events were unexpected, to say the least. The recent insanity also served as a reminder that hurricane season is upon us. On Cape Cod, we experience most of these storms between August and early fall.

Though we all cross our fingers for the kind of storms that seem, in hindsight, like a whole lot of worry over nothing, the risk of extensive damage always exists. Even if you’re a seasoned Cape Codder, there’s always more you can do to prepare your home for when a hurricane hits. The team at C.J. Riley Builder can help make your property as stormproof as possible.


Steps You Can Take Right Now

We at CJR can take the following precautions right away to protect your home:

Generator installation: Install a whole-house generator now, and your family will thank you when a hurricane threatens to knock out power. A generator is especially crucial for homes close to the ocean. If you’ve ever had to rely on a sump pump to clear your basement of water, it’s time to take the plunge.

Adding storm shutters: Motorized, rolling storm shutters will protect your home right away when the time comes to hunker down and ride out a hurricane, allowing you to emerge when the skies have calmed without encountering any nasty damage surprises.

Deck replacement: If your home has a wood deck, rot is a risk, and possibly already a problem. Replace the wood with composite decking material, and there’ll be no chance of weak wood ripping apart in high winds and causing damage to your home or those nearby.

Skylight replacement: What is merely a dribble during a rainstorm can easily become a waterfall during a hurricane. Don’t wait! Replace any leaking skylights now and save yourself a potential liquid catastrophe.

Roof work: If your roof isn’t in tip-top shape, you’re going to have a very challenging hurricane season. Let us take a look and determine any required repairs now. A full roof replacement may not be in order, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Property management: If these recommendations seem a bit overwhelming, have no fear. Engage our property management services and, in the event that a storm is forecast, we’ll take care of securing your property and storing outdoor furniture with plenty of time to spare. Following the storm, we’ll dispatch a crew to your home and inspect for any damage.

Planning: Once the exterior of your home is as secure as possible, turn your focus to those inside. Compile an emergency kit and create a family plan that will kick into action if and when a storm hits. (Yes, we know this isn’t new advice, but we recommend taking action now, while the memory of the great tornado surprise is still fresh in your mind. You’ll rest easy knowing you’re as ready as you can be!)


Steps You Can Take at Forecast Time

There are, of course, precautions that only need to be taken when you know a storm is headed the Cape’s way. It can be tempting to wait out a forecasted hurricane, hoping it loses power and turns into nothing more than an inconvenient rainy day, but it’s wiser to start prepping when a storm is first predicted. Better to have unused supplies on hand than to realize everyone else beat you to the milk and bread at Stop and Shop.

When a hurricane is forecast, stock up on the usual non-perishables: pasta, canned soup and vegetables, peanut butter, dried goods… Don’t forget a manual can opener! Stockpile bottled water and ice as well—a beach cooler will go a long way. (If you’re prone to cabin fever, adult beverages are a great help.)

Make sure you have flashlights or lanterns and enough batteries to power them. Keep phones and other devices charged for the moment you lose electricity, even while hoping that moment never comes. And finally, be sure you have a first aid kit in an accessible, safe spot in your home.


If you want to better protect your Cape Cod home during storm season, please contact us for a consultation. Plan ahead and stay safe!