Project Management

Thanks to Pinterest, HGTV and Home Depot, a DIY culture is more prevalent today than ever. For the most part, that’s a great thing. There’s such a feeling of satisfaction in being able to say ‘I did that myself’ when it comes to completing projects around the house.

But building a home, or undertaking the remodeling of one, involves a lot of moving parts and for even the most skilled DIY-er, can become overwhelming. Whether it’s new home construction or a home renovation, there are a multitude of professionals required and each of the steps needs to happen in a certain order to avoid time delays and cost overruns.

With more than 20 years of experience as general contractors and custom home builders in Osterville, on Cape Cod, C.J. Riley Builder, Inc. is adept at managing building projects of all sizes. As general contractors, we hire the teams of expert professionals – from electricians and plumbers, to landscapers and flooring installers – we’ve come to rely on over the years. When we work with homeowners as the project managers of a building or renovation project, we work with you and the teams you’ve selected and are available to make suggestions on additional crews that may be needed.

Whether you’re in the planning stages or have already begun construction, Craig J. Riley can step in and work as your liaison and communicate your wishes to each crew as your project progresses. Our firm’s expertise allows us to handle project management in an efficient, seamless manner ensuring that your vision is fulfilled on time and on budget. We’ll also make sure that every single aspect is absolutely perfect as the building process moves forward and attend to any small needs that may arise once you’ve begun living in your new, or newly-renovated, home.