Osterville Custom Building

Nestled on the south edge of Barnstable along Nantucket Sound, Osterville is a charming Cape Cod village with a rich history. The Native American name for the village was Cotacheset, but as it transformed into a popular oystering destination, it became known as Oysterville. (“Osterville” is actually the product of a map’s misspelling.) The village’s historical sites include The Cammett House, the oldest in town, dating back to 1720, the Crosby Boat Yard, and Armstrong-Kelley Park, the largest and oldest privately owned park on the Cape. The waves at Dowses Beach and the golf course at the Oyster Harbors Club mean there’s no shortage of seaside activity in the warmer months. And when the tourists head home, Osterville’s sweet Main Street is home to plenty of shops, cafes, and the Village Library.

From sprawling waterfront estates to cozy, charming Capes, many Osterville homes have rich histories to preserve. If you’re looking to renovate an antique home in Osterville, you want an experienced Cape Cod custom builder that can handle your renovations with expert care. C.J. Riley Builder, Inc. has more than 20 years of custom building experience and is ready to make your remodel vision a reality, seamlessly emphasizing your home’s historic value while incorporating modern upgrades.

And if you’re building a new home or addition in Osterville, C.J. Riley and his team are here to help you every step of the way. Working with C.J. Riley means having an experienced, knowledgeable team by your side from zoning board meetings, to plan preparation, to putting the final touches on your custom building project.

C.J. Riley is happy to provide the following services: