Home Additions

Custom-Built Additions

If you love your home and its location, but are finding it’s no longer fulfilling your needs, a custom-built addition may be the way to solve a myriad of seemingly unsolvable problems. Since being established by Craig J. Riley in 1992, C.J. Riley Builder Inc. has built dozens of custom additions on Cape Cod. No two are exactly like and, since each of our clients wanted to add to their home for their own personal reasons, that’s the way it should be.

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We live in a beautiful place, a place where visits from friends and family are as plentiful as our incredible beaches. If your children are now married with children of their own, you want them to feel welcome in your home. You may also want to enjoy periods of privacy. If your master bedroom is located near your home’s additional bedrooms, perhaps it’s time to add a first floor master suite with an en suite bath and sitting area. And if, like so many people, you’ve retired to Cape Cod – or are planning to in the future – a first floor master suite addition will allow you to enjoy your home well into your later years.

Cape Cod is also a place filled with history and historic homes. While an antique home offers unique charm and character, it may not offer a viable place to build your dream kitchen or an open kitchen and great room. Building an addition to your home, whether a new home or an antique, will allow you to have a space that’s exactly what you want it to be while rethinking an existing space at the same time. What was your cramped kitchen can become a cozy office or family room.

While each of our additions stands out for its quality craftsmanship, what they don’t do is actually stand out. When C.J. Riley Builder creates your addition, your home’s exterior will look balanced and seamless when the addition is complete; perhaps even more so.