Custom-Built Guest Houses

Because Cape Cod is an internationally-known vacation destination, it’s no surprise that having a houseful of guests all summer long is part of the Cape Cod lifestyle. And with one of the oldest populations in Massachusetts, Barnstable County has a large number of adult children caring for their parents.

Whether it’s because you enjoy having guests, but would like to reclaim your private space, or your parents are in need of a bit more help as they grow older and you’d prefer them nearby, a custom-built guest home on your property may be exactly what you need.

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C.J. Builder specializes in custom-building guest houses and carriage houses. C.J. and his team will work with you in deciding how much, or how little, additional space you need and oversee navigating any zoning issues which can arise with waterfront homes near conservation land or wetlands, and with homes in historic districts which often have aesthetic requirements in addition to land-use considerations.

Since starting his company in 1992, C.J. Riley has overseen the construction of a variety of guest homes and in-law spaces. His projects have ranged from two-story guest houses, with fully-functional kitchens and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, to carriage houses with space for cars on the lower level and apartments with kitchenettes on the upper level. Another option to consider is a multi-use space with a pool house or game room on the first floor and guest accommodations on the second. Whatever your style – and the style of your home – C.J. Riley Builder will create a guest house which complements your home and fulfills your current and future needs. A.D.A.-compliant additions and guest houses are also a specialty.

If you feel that a smaller, secondary building on your property deserves the same expert craftsmanship and attention to detail in its design and construction which your main home warranted, you’ll find like minded professionals at C.J. Riley Builder in Osterville.