Custom Remodeling

Taking what you have and making it better.

Cape Cod has so many beautiful older homes. But what if that home just isn’t working for your modern lifestyle? Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or complete remodel, C.J. Riley and his team can transform your existing space. Whether you love to entertain in your home, or you use your home as a getaway for you and your family, a custom remodel or renovation can add functional and necessary elements to your property, creating an even more inviting and inspired space for you to call home.

Based in Osterville, C.J. Riley has extensive experience remodeling historic homes, seasonal homes, second homes, and year-round homes all over Cape Cod. Drawing on years as a leader in custom home building, C.J. Riley and his team can seamlessly integrate existing elements of your home with your vision for a remodel, capitalizing on the aspects of your home that you love while expanding or upgrading your property to make it more modern and functional. C.J. Riley and his team will work with you on a custom remodel that is unique to your needs and desires, and they are committed to implementing your vision down to every detail.

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If you live in one of Cape Cod’s many historic homes and are seeking a custom renovation or remodel, C.J. Riley can provide expert guidance on transforming your home while maintaining its original structure and character. Similarly, if you own a beach home or coastal property, C.J. Riley and his team can design and implement a custom remodel that recognizes the property’s unique position and further takes advantage of the home’s water views or proximity.

He and his crew also understand that you may well be living at your home during construction. He and the crew are not only of the Cape’s most talented, they’re also one the most respectful. If you’re remodeling with C.J. Riley Builder, Inc., you’ll never have to ask the crew to clean up after itself. The support of a motivated office staff ensures ease of scheduling and communication throughout the building process. And with a dedicated team of building professionals, you’ll never have to worry that your completed project won’t be absolutely perfect.