Custom New Homes

Building a home for your family on Cape Cod is, in so many ways, the realization of a dream. When it’s time to start turning that dream into a reality, you want to work with a custom builder who understands this; a firm which realizes they’re not building a home, they’re building your home.

That firm is C.J. Riley, Builder Inc. in Osterville.

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Constructing a custom home is a process; efficient, but never hurried. It begins with finding the perfect parcel of land which can be a challenge on Cape Cod. In many cases, an existing home on the site will need to be razed before new construction can begin and often there are zoning issues to consider, both historic and environmental. C.J. Riley Builder, Inc. has been building custom homes in Osterville and the surrounding area since 1992. With more than two decades of experience working with the various zoning and planning boards in the region, you’ll be assured of a seamless process in attaining the necessary permits. Nothing is overlooked and there are no unpleasant surprises.

C.J. Riley Builder, Inc. has longtime working relationships with architects on Cape Cod, and in Boston and the surrounding area as well, which will ensure the designs of your home are fully – and beautifully – realized when it’s completed. We pride ourselves on communication, with architects and various subcontractors as well as our clients, throughout the building process. Phones are answered; emails elicit responses; concerns are resolved.

From the moment we break ground on a new custom home until we turn the keys over to its owners, Principal C.J. Riley is overseeing each step. As the foundation is poured and the framework erected, and as the sheetrock is hung and the cabinetry and finishing touches completed, he works hand-in-hand with each specialized crew of craftsmen overseeing every facet of your new custom home’s construction. The next step in the building process never begins until C.J. has personally approved the completed portion.

Over the years, we’ve custom built homes ranging from charming Cape Cod cottages to expansive oceanfront homes. Each is filled with exquisite detail and every home is built with the highest level of quality.