Handicap-Accessible Addition

Aging-In-Place on Cape Cod

We custom built an addition to an existing century-plus-old home in a historic waterfront neighborhood on Cape Cod. The addition includes two bedrooms and a bath, an open floorplan main living space with a living room, and a kitchen and dining area all of which have great views of the ocean. The space was to be used by a person with mobility issues, so there are no thresholds between the extra-wide doors or leading into the large, glass-enclosed shower. The kitchen is arranged along one wall to allow ease of use and certain elements – such as the microwave – were positioned in the lower level of cabinets so they were easily reachable. A custom-built fireplace surround incorporates natural beach pebble insets and the ceiling in the primary living space is finished with insets of pickled pine. We relocated the home’s primary entranceto create a transition from the existing portion to the addition. Overall, the exterior of the addition is barely discernable from the existing home.