Barnstable Custom Building

It’s virtually impossible to think about Barnstable Village without thinking about history. Main Street, also known as the Old King’s Highway, is one of the oldest thoroughfares in the country. The Old King’s Highway Regional Historic District, which includes Barnstable Village, is the largest historic district in the nation. On Main Street is the Sturgis Library, built in 1644, one of the oldest remaining homes on Cape Cod. Because it was originally used as a place of worship, it is also believed to be the oldest structure in the country where religious services were held regularly.  The Old Colonial Courthouse, one of the oldest in the country, and the Barnstable Comedy Club, the longest-running community theater in Massachusetts, are also on Main Street.

Not surprisingly, Barnstable Village is filled with historic homes. If you own an antique home in Barnstable and are planning a renovation, you want to know that your Cape Cod custom builder has the experience to handle your historic home remodeling project respectfully. With more than 20 years of experience as a custom builder, C.J. Riley Builder, Inc. has the vision and expertise to transform your dreams into a reality; to create spaces for your modern lifestyle which are still reflective of your home’s historic past.

With virtually no buildable land remaining in Barnstable Village, any new home construction will likely entail removal of an existing home. Whether you’re custom building a new home, renovating an antique, or putting an addition onto your home, a zoning board review of the plans will be needed. Even if it’s just a kitchen remodel, there will be questions from the zoning board. Working with C.J. Riley and his team means you’ll have answers, in the form of expertly-prepared plans and with knowledgeable representation at your side in any meetings.

C.J. Riley is happy to provide the following services: