Patterned on a tradition of excellence, C.J. Riley Builder, Inc. is a leader on Cape Cod in the field of custom home building and remodeling, historic restorations, and smaller projects of all types. We continue to set a new standard in custom building of uncompromising quality, while keeping value in mind along with unparalleled customer service.

The story of C.J. Riley Builder, Inc. is, in many ways, the story of the American dream. Craig J. Riley, the firm’s principal, showed a natural affinity for building at an early age. Upon graduating from Point Pleasant Beach High School, in New Jersey, C.J. apprenticed with several of that region’s most respected building companies. In 1992, at the age of 23, C.J. moved to Cape Cod and established his eponymously-named firm. Though young and new to the Cape, his reputation for exacting standards coupled with an unheard of level of customer service allowed C.J. to quickly grow his company. As the company has grown, C.J. has made certain to surround himself with equally-skilled craftsmen who share a similar exemplary work ethic.


Every C.J. Riley project, from expansive waterfront compounds to quaint Cape Cod cottages and carriage houses, to historic restorations, kitchens and additions, is a creative collaboration that unites exceptional skill with the specific needs of each individual client. Excellence, established over two decades of experience, is a result of this collaboration. It’s this personalized attention which is the trademark of C. J. Riley Builder, Inc.

While the company has grown over the years, Craig J. Riley has made the conscious decision to maintain his firm at a size which allows him to personally supervise each phase of construction.

Working alongside C.J. is Peter Nichols. With a background in computer science and business management, Pete is able to create proposals and project estimates with an incredible level of accuracy. You don’t want unexpected expenses cropping up during the building process and neither do we. Pete also works as project manager, overseeing the building process and serving as an always-available point of communication between our clients and the crews working in the field.

Carefully-selected subcontractors round out the C. J. Riley team: architects, interior designers, landscape professionals and residential craftsman help to ensure superior workmanship, attention to detail and the timely completion of a project, all combine to make a statement of singular quality.

The support of a professional, motivated construction and office staff, along with the latest communication, scheduling and accounting technologies, assure the simplicity and ease of building with C.J. Riley and his team.

The success of C.J. Riley Builder, Inc. comes from our unwavering commitment to quality and a deep-rooted understanding which has never varied throughout the company’s lengthy history: We understand that we’re not just building a home…we’re building your home.