Flower Boxes

Cape Cod Flowerbox Co.

A flowerbox from Cape Cod Flowerbox Co. is something special; something that will add style and beauty to your beautiful home. You’ve likely spent endless hours, and significant resources, creating a place on Cape Cod that you love. When it’s time to add the finishing touches – flowerboxes – don’t you want them to be as exceptional as your home?

Cape Cod Flowerbox Co. is a locally-owned company based in Osterville, Massachusetts. We design and produce handcrafted window boxes. Owner C.J. Riley, a well-known Cape Cod custom builder, had difficulty finding flowerboxes locally that were anything other than mass-market, run-of-the-mill products, so he created Cape Cod Flowerbox Company.


Each of our flowerboxes, and the accompany mounting brackets, are individually constructed using Azek, a man-made material which looks like wood, but will stand up to our seaside weather for decades to come. We offer two styles; the East Bay and the North Bay.  They were designed to perfectly complement Cape Cod architecture.

Our low-maintenance flowerboxes are available is sizes ranging from 24 to 72 inches with customized lengths available on request. Each features drainage holes so your flowers will flourish and appropriate mounting brackets. Because they’re made with Azek, our flowerboxes will never rot and do not require a liner. The material is also insect resistant and can be easily painted allowing you to fully customize your flowerbox with the just right color.

What better way to add beauty to your home than with seasonal flowers, or an herb garden growing right outside your kitchen window? Cape Cod Flowerboxes are a wonderful way to add color to your home, office or storefront no matter what the season. Just imagine pansies in the spring, geraniums in the summer, mums in the fall, and greens and holly for the holidays. Give us call and get started.